5:2 The Diet Budget

You probably heard of the 5:2 diet made popular by Dr Michael Mosley that went global some years ago. The concept is simple, eat a normal diet 5 days a weeks and then reduce the amount you shovel in to between 500 – 800 calories on the final 2 days.

Budgeting in the same fashion…

This is not new and the concept has been about almost as long as the diet.

Spend nothing, apart from the essentials 5 days a week and by the essentials I mean on things like a travel fare to work, not a on fucking Starbucks! Then 2 days a week, you can spend within some limits.

You actually might be surprised how much you save and it will give you a good insight on how much you spend on shit you just don’t need.

What if I go on a bender at the weekend? Well, that’s a choice… my first tip would be don’t do it if you can’t afford it.

However, you could always bump up the savings for 6 days that week to counteract any large spending.


I accept that some people will be paying huge rent/mortgage and travel expenses, therefore they don’t believe they even have the money for essentials or life will get in the way of sticking to it.

I understand this but maybe you should be re-accessing your situation or lifestyle before committing to this type of saving.

I am a strong believer in getting as close to the 50/30/20 rule as possible and so maybe its time downgrade the flat, find a job that is closer, cut back on gym memberships and cancel the hot fucking yoga.

Even still, there are plenty of saving hacks that could help you find a way to cutback and save using this concept, it could be saving as little as £10 a week.

The most important thing is you save before the next shit storms hits you and knocks you into a spiral of totally fucked!

Other methods…

This might not be for you but there endless methods of saving that might suit you better. After all, not everyone wants to lose fat by starving themselves but you can’t lose fat without cutting or burning calories.

The most important thing is you save, so the next shit storm that hits you, doesn’t knock you into a spiral of totally fucked!